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Born in the mossy bogs of Western Washington State and maturing in the big city of Seattle, for over 25 years, the Throttle Body Motorcycle Club (TBMC) has been lovingly known as, "The greatest band that never was but still is..." Leaving in their wake a trail of nervous studio owners and Harley mechanics, the band has relentlessly fought it's way into obscurity and history. The hard and tender sound of the band belies the lonely road of their passions, an uncompromising ethic of trend-less creativity and self-reliance.

The club, led by Jerry Hammack (songwriter, producer, engineer, bass, keys, drums, guitars, vocals), sports a revolving door of members ranging from the top of the rock world including Lenny Kravitz alum Zoro on drums, Vanessa Paradis and Yanni alum Osama Afifi on bass, and American slide and pedeal steel guitar legend Stephen Dorocke on guitar, to local heroes such as The Fuzz, Swallow and Spike alum, Rod Moody on guitar; Radio Nationals and Survey Cez's Aaron Taylor, also on guitar, and Dan Ruiter (former Three Pound Soul) on drums. See the Band page for complete bios and links.

The band was named by Jerry's brother, Jeff (the actual Harley mechanic, and occasional harmonica wailer) when the request came for a band name that included the key rock-n-roll elements of 1. cars and 2. sex. A "throttle body" is actually a block of machined metal that sits between the carburator and the intake manifold of an engine.

If someone tells you they've seen the band play live, they are lying to you: the band has never performed in public, but exists purely between the ears and in the imagination.

Really bikers? Well Jerry and Jeff are. Not sure if anyone else who's worked with the band ever touched a motorcycle.

The band creates new work on a fairly regular basis. Most of the members are active musicians working around North America (see the Band page for bios and links). Jerry plays out live occasionally to this day, joining Rod Moody in the act, Dry Bones.

The club relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the summer of 2011 and spends the off hours mastering ice skating and gaining weight on beaver tails.



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